Welcome To Growing Up Songs!

Welcome to the site! On here you will find all the best songs about growing up and getting older. Time is one of those things that none of us can stop and we grow wiser with each day we are here.

The songs here are about the process of growing up that we all experience. The songs take different viewpoints from a child growing to become an adult or an adult growing older...but they are all growing up songs!

It is a universal experience and until the day miracle drugs are invented that keep us young forever, it is something we should all embrace.

There are many benefits to getting older and many of these songs talk about these too.

We've All Been There

Do you remember the days when you were very young and you had nothing to worry about? No commitments, hardly any homework, no bills and no children to look after?

Seems like a blissful time that may have been recent or many years ago depending on your age.

Sooner or later we all take on more responsibilites in life and must learn to deal with them one way or another.

You'll find songs here that reminisce about those wonder years of childhood as well as the perils, challenges and good times ahead as you get older.

What's Next?

As great as childhood is there are many great things to look forward to as you get older. Can you remember the first time you went out alone without your parents? How about collecting your first pay cheque, falling in love or having your first baby?

These are all great experiences that you may or may not have experienced yet that prove that life isn't all downhill as you get older.

Maybe you're a little older and retirement is something to look forward to and never having to put on that work costume again.

Wherever you are in life you will be able to relate to many of these songs.

Someone Knows

There are plenty of musicians, groups and singers that know all too well about the experiences of growing up and have written songs about them.

On this site you will find the best of these songs. We have put together the 50 best growing up songs for your enjoyment.

They are based on all sorts of experiences and feelings you may have as you grow up yourself.

Enjoy the good times in the past, in the present and the good times to come in the future!

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